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FAM™ develops confidence and improves health in "differently-abled" or adaptive athletes every day.

As we need to pay our coaches, rent out accessible locations, and purchase various gym equipment, we require our athletes to pay for their sessions. However, we are aware many people living with disabilities cannot afford their everyday needs, let alone afford the cost of our sessions. Getting our sessions sponsored means that our athletes and their families do not have to worry about covering this expense. We find that many of our athletes can’t join FAM™ classes on a regular basis due to their financial constraints and lack of available funding. Many newcomers want to join but struggle to find ongoing resources. 

Ideally, we would love to be able to provide FAM™ sessions to our athletes, free of charge. Your sponsorship will mean that we can keep the costs of FAM™ sessions low or free for our athletes. As a result a wider community can benefit from what FAM™ offers. 

 We are calling on you (and/or your organisation) to sponsor FAM™ classes - this enables our athletes to participate in the FAM™ program regularly.

To make that significant change in an athlete’s life, your sponsoring options for an FAM™ class are
  • 12 sessions (3 months),
  • 24 sessions (6 months) or
  • 48 sessions (12 months).

FAM™’s long term and regular training have shown to elevate the balance, coordination, confidence, strength, endurance, concentration, communication, capability, and life skills of participating athletes. This allows the adaptive community to participate more freely and confidently in their daily lives and our society.

 Our athletes are guided by trained and highly skilled FAM™ Coaches and supported by Volunteers from all walks of life in classes that are full of positive peers.

 When joining the Foster Athletes Movement, you are supporting differently-abled athletes in Aotearoa and their right to be healthy and well.

 How is your fostering of an athlete acknowledged?
  • You will be acknowledged on the FAM™ website (upon your consent) with details on which class or athlete you or your organization sponsors
  • You will receive a personalised sponsorship certificate
  • You will receive regular updates about your athlete/class
  • You are invited to join your class/session as a volunteer

Please do contact us if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring one of our adaptive athletes or one of our adaptive group classes. 
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