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Functional Adaptive MovementTMLTD (FAMTM) provides group exercise classes and one-on-one personal training sessions for people living with disabilities. Officially established in 2018, FAMTM has catered for more than 250 athletes in New Zealand, of varying degrees of ability. While FAMTM continues to expand, the mission remains the same: to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to engage in strength and conditioning training to improve and retain fitness and everyday function. 

We consider our clients to be athletes, and our athletes are the foundation of our FAMily. Our FAMily also includes health care and disability organisations, support workers, trainee students and most importantly our knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches. As well as the physical benefits of taking part in FAMTM sessions, being a part of the FAMily provides people with a sense of belonging, connecting them to their community and allowing expansion of their social and professional networks.

Michael Hynard CEO and Founder

Michael’s career in the health & fitness industry is his calling and passion. Michael's relationship to disability is deeply personal: In 1996 his then 1 year old daughter Siobhan was diagnosed amongst other conditions with Cerebral Palsy. His own family experience inspired Mike to start the FAM™ Program understanding that only an integrated and collaborative approach can be successful, even more so in the special needs demographics. Mike works as closely as possible with related specialists in their fields to give the program a robust and well-rounded approach that benefits the athletes most.
Michael is a competitive athlete who has represented South Africa twice in martial arts, including as a national champion. He is a certified CrossFit Level 2 trainer and has a 1st Dan in traditional Jiu Jitsu. Prior to following his calling and starting FAM™, Michael has worked as sales person and sales & leadership coach in big Corporate companies which taught him to adapt to a wide range of situations and personalities. His clients describe him as enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable, professional and very motivating.

Jodie Loveday Coach

Jodie is a strength and conditioning coach who is passionate about working in the health and fitness industry. She loves working with people in the gym to help unlock their potential to enable them to maximise their performance in a safe and exciting environment. Jodie is passionate about helping individuals find their self-worth and teaching great habits and mindset. Her why is to help others find their why.

Jodie prides herself on creating a positive inclusive community within her classes and PT sessions. She believes having fun and enjoying the process is an interregional part of training and developing healthy and sustainable habits.  When not working at the gym she’s probably still at the gym training and practising what she perches or on the soccer field flying down the left wing- she may be little but she’s fast. 

Becca Percy Coach

Becca has always been passionate about staying healthy and fit. She pursues this passion by coaching in a variety of areas. In late 2020, she completed her Bachelors degree of Sport and Recreation, double majoring in Coaching and Sport & Exercise Science, which was the starting block to become a FAM Coach.

After volunteering with Michael and the FAM Classes, Becca knew that the FAMily was something special. Becca’s deep motivation is to break the barriers for people being able to move and become healthier.

Beyond FAM, Becca trains and coaches at CrossFit Mecca, plays the flute and runs her own health coaching business.

Aleisha Ritchie Coach

Aleisha has grown up surrounded by numerous different sports and exercise. Her primary background includes Dance and Gymnastics, therefore she understands the importance that strength, mobility, coordination and flexibility play within our lives; not only within a sport or gym setting but also in our daily life activities.

Aleisha graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation; majoring in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She had a huge passion for mental health and believes that creating a healthy lifestyle is more than exercise and a balanced meal, but how we create a healthy overall well-being that includes positive mental, emotional and spiritual health aspects

Diogo Freire Coach

Diogo is a Strength and Movement coach who is passionate about working with people to develop their skills, strength and confidence in everyday tasks. Through his experience coaching kids and adults, he focuses on where his clients are at and helping them enjoy the small incremental wins a good process brings.

He takes his work seriously, all the while not taking himself too seriously - he believes that having fun, some banter and connecting with people is paramount for an enjoyable workout (and life, isn't it?). When not working with his clients, he's likely to be practising Olympic Weightlifting (his sport/obsession of choice) or doing some core strengthening as his two young boys use him as a human trampoline

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