I have been a client of Michael's since 2017. My personal training session quickly became a highlight of my week. Being nonverbal and severely disabled makes it difficult for me to communicate and do specific movements. However, Michael only ever saw my potential and was willing to experiment with my caregivers' support to figure out how to best adapt the workouts to the specific challenges of my Cerebral Palsy. 

For the past four years, it has been my honour and my privilege to witness the development of FAM™, and be a part of the FAMily. I have received a lot of support from the disability sector, over my lifetime, and I can tell whether someone is just there for their job. The FAM™ coaches are genuinely there for the enjoyment of helping people achieve more than anybody imagined. 

Michael and the wider FAMily have unconditionally supported me through the various trials and triumphs in my life. Even throughout my darkest times, I always have prioritised my gym sessions, knowing that I will leave feeling a little bit better than when I started. In the gym, I feel safe to be who I am and work on the person I want to become. From establishing online gym sessions during the Covid-19 lockdowns to rearranging sessions at the last minute, Michael has always done his best to accommodate my changing needs. I cannot thank or praise the FAM™ team enough for all that they do for me, and other people in my community.

Maqymseahe Ninces 

- - - - - - - - 

Our unit is a specialist facility for special needs students with a significant intellectual disability, such as Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Prader Willi syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD and Global Developmental Delay.

For the past 3 years we have been working with the amazing Hashtag (Michael) and his group of volunteers.  They are a fantastic group of people who are enthusiastic, positive and friendly. Michael has been an inspiration to our students, he is totally professional and always ensures that the health and safety of all participants is top priority.  Michael has an enthusiastic personality and a can do attitude that has engaged our students and he has made a huge difference to the physical, mental and social skills of all our students.

We have noticed that our students are more confident and many have become much more conscious about healthy eating and keeping fit.  The mental benefits of cross fit have been noticeable for our students. They love coming to the class and love to show off their new muscles. Michael has pushed our students and they have all noticeably improved their balance, strength and flexibility.

Head of Department - Pakuranga College, Auckland, New Zealand 

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Just a quick email to say - thanks mate!
Thanks for the fantastic progress you’ve made with Billy these last six months.
Thanks for showing him he’s capable of more than he believed he was.

Thanks for proving to him his body isn’t broken, it just needs a bit of work (don’t we all).
Thanks for the patience you demonstrate to connect with him so well.
Thanks for the enthusiasm you have in his progress
Thanks for teaching him his body is only a part of his overall well-being
As a parent you want to provide everything your child needs, and when Billy and I first visited you in July last year I was so enthusiastic about what you’d be able to achieve with Billy. That enthusiasm was absolutely warranted.
Love your work mate!

(Big) Thanks

Wayne DeMulder, father of adaptive athlete, Jan 2019

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FAM™ is literally changing lives! I'm currently doing work experience with Michael and I hope to carry on volunteering in the future. The adaptive athletes are fantastic and I'm loving every minute of it!

Amy Jane Roper - FAM™ volunteer

- - - - - -

Proud of myself. We had 17 minutes to smash out our workout and I did it in 11:35. Never knew how much I would love working out till I found Functional Adaptive Movement FAM™. Love how I leave very session feeling so supported and encouraged. Definitely a highlight of my week!

Brie Fenton - adaptive athlete Jun 2020

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FAM™ provides a wonderful Crossfit program that has been adapted to meet the needs of our students (special needs).  Michael is always incredibly enthusiastic and has involved all students including those with physical, emotional, intellectual and behaviour challenges. Every single students who has attended the program becomes fitter, stronger, and more flexible, and is able to achieve a much higher standard in physical education than our school can provide.

Teacher - Central Auckland Specialist School, Auckland, New Zealand